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Documented ZXT Extensions

0000a51e:0001 - #die item [DRAFT]2021/07/02 22:21Adrian Siekierka
0000a51e:0002 - #die takes into account tile under object [DRAFT]2021/07/03 07:02Adrian Siekierka
0000a51e:0004 - #IF RND2021/07/11 07:29Adrian Siekierka
0000a51e:0005 - Maximum stat count [DRAFT]2021/07/29 21:28Adrian Siekierka
0000a51e:0006 - OOP command renaming [DRAFT]2021/12/27 08:45Adrian Siekierka
0000a51e:0007 - Viewport control [DRAFT]2022/05/29 14:10Adrian Siekierka
00000000:0001 - #IFEXT2021/03/11 21:59Adrian Siekierka
00000000:1000 - Quirk: World relies on ZZT 3.2/Super ZZT 2.0 Data Segment layout2021/07/07 22:09Adrian Siekierka
00000000:1001 - Quirk: World relies on ZZT/Super ZZT argTile2 Behaviour2021/07/07 22:09Adrian Siekierka
00000000:1002 - Quirk: World executes arbitrary x86 code2021/07/07 22:10Adrian Siekierka
00000001:000a - FIX: Loading boards with stats bound to a higher stat index2021/12/20 23:32Adrian Siekierka
00000001:000b - FIX: Destruction of adjacent passages (DRAFT)2021/12/27 10:03Adrian Siekierka
00000001:000c - FIX: Passage color corruption on element damage2021/12/27 10:04Adrian Siekierka
00000001:000d - FIX: Player destroying walkable tiles from/to passage (from Super ZZT)2021/12/27 11:06Adrian Siekierka
00000001:000e - FIX: Division by zero in transporter draw logic2022/01/23 10:34Adrian Siekierka
00000001:000f - FIX: OOP send to label jumps to newline before label2022/07/03 19:44Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0001 - FIX: #put not working on bottom row2021/07/02 22:09Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0002 - FIX: #bind double freeing2021/07/02 22:13Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0003 - FIX: Duplicator overwriting values after board change ("Koopo bug")2021/07/02 22:15Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0004 - FIX: Crash when element is recursively pushing itself2021/07/03 10:06Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0005 - FIX: Conveyors turning typically statted elements into empties2021/07/03 10:10Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0006 - FIX: Conveyors missing tile draw call on final rotation2021/07/03 10:15Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0007 - FIX: Conveyors allowing stat swapping and overlap to occur2021/07/03 10:16Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0008 - FIX: Blink walls not moving player to the left2021/07/08 12:09Adrian Siekierka
00000001:0009 - FIX: Incorrect board edge touch direction (from Super ZZT)2021/12/20 07:11Adrian Siekierka
00000002:0001 - :ENTER (from Super ZZT)2021/08/10 12:36Adrian Siekierka

Externally documented extensions

There are some externally documented extensions. These should probably be included in the above table, either by copying them to this wiki or by adding external links or by doing both (probably best) and ensuring that they match.

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