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0000a51e:0007 - Viewport control [DRAFT]


Flag Set? (MUST/MAY/…) Description
parsing_must MUST NOT
reading_must MUST NOT
writing_must MUST NOT
playing_should MAY
playing_must SHOULD NOT Please don't make games which depend on this.
editing_should MUST NOT … What about syntax highlighting?

Field data

None. (TODO: The extension probably needs to store the current viewport location for savefiles.)


This extension defines the concept of a “viewport”, loosely inspired by Super ZZT.

This extension also provides OOP commands for controlling the active viewport:

  • #VIEWPORT [LOCK|UNLOCK] - Locks or unlocks the viewport. By default, the viewport is unlocked - this means that movement of the player stat will return focus back to the player. (Whether this also includes failed movement attempts is undefined.) Locking the viewport means that player movement will not return focus back to the player. If the current stat in focus is the player, a locked viewport will remain in place.
  • #VIEWPORT FOCUS PLAYER - Returns viewport camera focus to the player. Importantly, this also unlocks the viewport.
  • #VIEWPORT FOCUS [target] - Centers the viewport camera on the provided target (SELF, or a target name).
  • #VIEWPORT MOVE [direction] - Moves the viewport camera by the specified direction, relative to the center of the viewport, rounded down.

The following additional rules apply:

  • If the currently focused stat is removed, and the stat is not the player, the viewport is returned to the player and unlocked as if #VIEWPORT FOCUS PLAYER were called.



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