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00000001:000d - FIX: Player destroying walkable tiles from/to passage (from Super ZZT)


  • ID: 00000001:000d


Flag Set? (MUST/MAY/…) Description
parsing_must MUST NOT
reading_must MUST NOT
writing_must MUST NOT
playing_should MAY
playing_must MAY
editing_should MUST NOT

Field data



This bugfix fixes two similar issues:

  • If the player is standing on a passage and walks onto a walkable element (such as a fake), the fake is destroyed.
  • If the player enters a board from a passage, the walkable element in the last spot they were standing on is destroyed.

The fix here adds an Under.Element/Under.Color write to the player's initial unpause movement, similar to Super ZZT. It also adds a similar fix to BoardPassageTeleport. As Super ZZT already features this bugfix, this extension is a no-op on that engine.



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