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ZZT Preservation Phonebook

This is a rough document listing information on services which have had valuable content related to ZZT preservation, and any potential notes useful for preserving them.

Bulletin Board Systems

Many games we have from the BBS-centric era of ZZT come from old shareware CDs incidentally including some, particularly the many revisions of Alexis Janson's games.

Misty Mountains BBS

The earliest ZZT bulletin board system, serving as the official point of contact from its launch until early 1992; however, it was kept online until 2000.

The SysOp was Chip Hageman (mythran42). No success in contacting so far - the Internet record ends with a dead end in mid-2018.


  • Rose Media, Canada Remote Systems - Canadian BBSes mentioned in an early game by Darren Hewer.
  • The StrongHold BBS - mentioned in The Lost Monkeys as an official support channel.
  • KastlerocK BBS - source of “Escape from the Land for Noz”; operated from 1992 to 2004 by Jamie Kowinsky, see Textfiles BBS List.
  • Da Warren BBS - preserved by the SysOp, Leonard Richardson, in 2008!
  • Multiple BBSes are listed in the final release of Warlord's Temple.

Pre-Internet Online Services


Home to The ZZT Club, the pioneer ZZT developers' group between 1991 and 1993.

No public information on any data from Prodigy still being around in any form.

Jim Carpenter, a Prodigy enthusiast, has focused on archiving existing Prodigy installations. He has made tools available to extract data from them - but where are you going to find a ZZT Club member with backups this old?

America On-Line

Based on Libraries.txt, there were three file libraries of interest:

  • 5073 - ZZT Adventures
  • 12703 - MegaZeux Adventures
  • 12830 - MegaZeux

Unfortunately, the ArchiveTeam efforts from 2014 failed to capture the data from them:

  • The file dump only goes up to library 5044,
  • The description dump for libraries 12000-12999 omits either of the MegaZeux file libraries.

There are some unconfirmed rumors about the MegaZeux file libraries having been removed in the past, but I don't remember where I heard them.


  • CompuServe - Hard drive dumps and their owners exist, but it seems they are very fractional and don't cover the ZZT community on CompuServe.
  • GEnie - No information.
  • Exec-PC - stopped responding sometime in the last few years. Unfortunately, we didn't get to it in time.


Epic MegaBoards

Used to have a ZZT section. Hosted on in the late 90s; a few posts are preserved by the WayBack Machine.

It appears the section saw very little activity, with the only preserved threads (from March 18th, 1999) being copy-pastes of posts from another forum or an announcement of such copy-pasting ongoing.

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