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Last modified: 18/04/1997

RHYGAR 2: Leaps of Faith

by Bongo79

The second installment of the Rhygar trilogy has begun. Leaps of Faith, the continung adventures of Rhygar Borne, has a few changes in it's tructure, such as...

* Nearly double the size!
* Astounding graphics!
* Even more in-depth plot!
* Amazing new enemies- more complex than anything ever seen on ZZT!
* New characters, new foes, new places!

So far, in the Chronicles of Rhygar, Rhygar Borne has returned after a 5 year absence, to find the Kingdom of Fabuliana in turmoil as the evil General Algar is waging war on Fabuliana. Three wizards have been killed already, and the city of Dock is under seige. Rhygar is nearly drafted into being the new king, but escapes, while his best friend Imoxal goes to help the city of Dock. Orion the Wizard and a mysterious "Guide" try to steer Rhygar into helping to fight the war with Algar and his minion Gules. Rhygar flees to Tree Top in the north, to meet the beautiful Cmdr. Aisha. Algar and Gules attempt to seize the northern Watch Tower, and Rhygar and Aisha go to stop them. They fight Ollar the Architect, a Wizard in the grip of evil forces beyond his control, and then descend into the basements of Watch Tower. Algar seals Aisha in a forcefield, and knocks Rhygar to the floor with his magic. Rhygar then gets up, and somehow unleashes enough force to seal the gates guarding the evil that ensnared Ollar, keeping Algar away from them. Rhygar and Aisha return to Tree Top, planning their next move.... 

Remember, this is only a demo of Rhygar 2. The full version will be out sometime this summer, so keep watching!

c. 1997 Bongo79 for EleKtroSOFT Interactive
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