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Last modified: 14/07/2001

         Thanx for downloading my game!

TITLE:Pete the Pirate(V.1.1)
CREATOR:Steven Wade
PIRATE.ZZT    Pete the Pirate (the game) 78kb (unzipped)
PIRATE.TXT    This file 1.44kb (unzipped)

A pirate adventure with some nice scenes and a few good songs.
"Deserted" island

You are Pete the Pirate, the captain of the most adventurous, well known, and overall best band of pirates ever to sail the seven seas. During one terrible
storm, your ship wrecks on a stranded island and you are
the only survivor. You need to find eight keys to get off the island through a massive volcano.

-Touch everything! Some of the KEY points could be hidden in something as small as a PLANT!

-Touch everything twice! Some things change the second time you touch them.

-If all else fails shoot it! You start off with 500 gems.(the treasure you've found in the past.) I recomend you use that on ammo in the shop.

-This game is not hard! The goal is to have fun! Please
don't get frustrated about some of the boards. It takes away all of that fun.

Scott Kearny
Tim Sweeny
Greg Janson

Thanx again for downloading! Please enjoy!

-Steven Wade

 P.S. I edited this game as best as I could. If you have
any suggestions or noticed any mistakes, you can e-mail
me at I will keep updating versions as long as I need to.
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