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ZZTPatch is an utility by Grant D. Watson released on February 11th, 2000. As its goal is to modify the ZZT executable to perform certain changes, it is essentially a hex edit with extra steps.



  • Injects the string “Patched v” to the version string, so that Version   3.2 becomes Patched v3.2 (offset 0x1D6D)


  • Supports emptying the following strings:
    • Ammunition - 5 shots per container. (offset 0x56C5)
    • Gems give you Health! (offset 0x5750)
    • Torch - used for lighting in the underground. (offset 0x5BE1)
    • A path is cleared through the forest. (offset 0x5D0A)
    • A fake wall - secret passage! (offset 0x5D8B)
    • Your way is blocked by water. (offset 0x5F45)
    • Room is dark - you need to light a torch! (offset 0x1045B)
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