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ZZT Enhancer

This article is a stub. There's a lot to write about here, I swear!

ZZT Enhancer (or EZZT) is a virtualization-based ZZT wrapper developed by Craig Boston between 1996 and 1998, with the final release being made on March 20th, 1998.

It is a very different project from just about anything else featured on this wiki. It utilizes the Virtual 8086 mode available on 386+ processors to wrap and hook specific code locations in ZZT 3.2's codebase, thus effectively being a virtualizer - not unlike how newer 32-bit operating systems of the era would run 16-bit software. It was written using DJGPP, with support for MikMod-based audio playback and loading dynamically linked code libraries.

Only two worlds were ever released making use of the ZZT Enhancer, both made by the project:

  • Caverns, a partial port of Caverns of Zeux,
  • Evil3, a demonstration of ZZT Enhancer's capabilities.

The engine checks for whether or not a world has been tampered with before loading it, making experiments slightly cumbersome - however, the world menu can still be used to load other .ZZT files once you've correctly booted into ZZT.

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