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zzt32kc is a hex edit of ZZT 3.2 created by Spectere for widespread use. It was released on March 31st, 2019. It is notable for two reasons:

  • It is most likely the final hex edit of ZZT made for production use, with the Reconstruction of ZZT's release in March 2020,
  • It is one of the few hex edits which modify assembly code, not just data/strings.


Hey all! Here's a fairly simple patched version of ZZT.EXE v3.2 that bypasses
the input and color selection screens, eliminating the need to press K, C
every time you start the game. This does not support any alternative
controller types whatsoever, so if you plan to use the mouse or joystick at
any point in time, make sure to save a copy of your existing ZZT.EXE.


Code is changed between 0x1E6F and 0x205D. This concerns the area of code starting from the InputInitDevices; call in ZZT.PAS's GameConfigure up until the end of the procedure. It is replaced with the following assembly code:

    C606CC8800        mov byte [0x88cc],0x0
    C606CD8800        mov byte [0x88cd],0x0
    C60614A100        mov byte [0xa114],0x0
    89EC              mov sp,bp
    5D                pop bp
    C3                ret

which translates to:

    InputJoystickEnabled := false;
    InputMouseEnabled := false;
    VideoMonochrome := false;
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