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This article is a stub.

JZT is a successor to ZZT created by Mark McIntyre, written with web browsers in mind. As of January 8th, 2023 1), it has been made available under the terms of the GPLv3 2)

Notes on Counters

Unlike ZZT, JZT does not have any concept of flags. Instead, one can create an arbitrary amount of named counters, which can act as ZZT-like flags as desired. This means that the expressions set flag are set 1 flag equivalent.

Counters can be given maximum values by creating a new counter with _max appended to the counter name. For instance set 100 health_max would set your maximum health to 100, and set 50 flag_max would set the maximum value of the flag counter to 50. To remove the maximum value from a counter, simply set it back to zero. For example, set 0 ammo_max would remove the ammo cap, if it existed.

The _max attribute can apply recursively. For instance, set 1000 health_max_max would set the maximum value of health_max to 1000.

In addition to the standard built-in ZZT counters, there is a built-in counter named torchlife.

Keys can be accessed as JZTScript counters with names in the form of KEY+[color code], where the color code is a hex value between 9 and F. For example, set key9 would give the player a blue key.

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