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DreamZZT is a clone of ZZT and Super ZZT developed by c99koder in the early-mid 00s. While its compatibility is lacking, it is particularly notable for having been ported to the Nintendo DS and Dreamcast. It was developed until November 2007, and its source code is available under the terms of the GPLv2 license.


World format

DreamZZT appends the following information after the end of the TBoardInfo structure in both ZZT and Super ZZT:

Offset Type Description
0x00 boolean If true, animated water is enabled.


Animated water

If enabled in a world, each water tile will use a foreground color of 0x01 and a character of 0xB0. With a random 12.5% chance per tick, each tile may also start the following animation sequence:

  • foreground color 0x09 (light blue), character 0xB0,
  • foreground color 0x09 (light blue), character 0xB1,
  • foreground color 0x09 (light blue), character 0xB2,
  • foreground color 0x09 (light blue), character 0xDB, then repeat the above steps backwards, finally revert to the static look.


DreamZZT adds the following OOP extensions:

  • #__dark 1 turns the board dark, while #__dark 0 removes darkness,
  • aligned can be used as a synonym for alligned.

There are also some documented, but unimplemented (in the final source code revision) extensions:

  • The flags pc and dreamcast are mentioned in the documentation, presumably for detecting the platform DreamZZT is installed on.

TODO: Can the Stones of Power feature be used in DreamZZT in ZZT mode?


DreamZZT adds a significant amount of additional cheats.

Cheat code Effect
+dark Makes board dark.
-dark Removes board darkness.
+/-ammo Adds/removes 10 ammo to/from the player.
+/-gems Adds/removes 10 gems to/from the player.
+/-score Adds/removes 10 score to/from the player.
+/-health Adds/removes 10 health to/from the player.
+/-torch Adds/removes 10 torch to/from the player.
zap Removes player-neighboring tiles.
keys Gives all keys to the player.
warp X Warps to board with ID X and pauses the player.
warp As above, but with a board select menu.
freeze/unfreeze Freezes/unfreezes board ticking.
watch Enables debug information to be printed on a selected object.
inspect Shows a selected object's code.
flags Prints the state of the world flag list in the debug console.
edit Opens the editor.
quit TODO
play cdefgab Plays the #play string cdefgab.
+/-reveal Reveals objects, by making them show changing high-intensity colors.
viewport X Y TODO
Other commands Executes the command as ZZT-OOP code on behalf of the player.
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