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Bear With Me (Game-specific)

Bear With Me, a game released on October 31st, 2021, contains a fork of ZZT by Dr. Dos.



While originally intended to be ZZT v3.2 compatible, I was quite pressed for time and it was easier to prevent issues via a quick and dirty ZZT fork than to redesign boards and code to prevent unintended bypassing of the bear-based gameplay.

Included is BWMZZT.EXE which is based on the source code provided by the Reconstruction of ZZT.

The only change this makes is the addition of a single ZZT-OOP command:

#if beared <dir> <label>

Sorry for users of SolidHUD and ClassicZoo.


BWMZZT.EXE makes the following change to the ZZT engine:

  • The built-in flag beared is added. It functions identically to blocked, except that it only detects whether the object is blocked by a bear. As indicated in the documentation, it is used in the same way as blocked: #if beared <dir> <label>, where <dir> is the direction to check in, and <label> is the label the code will jump to if the check suceeds.
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